Book haul: Classics 

It’s been much too long since a book post on this blog. In fact, I think my last one was my 2015 Book Round-Up.  For my sixteenth birthday, I was lucky enough to get many books; today I am just showing you the ‘classics’. Although most of these I was given, I did buy ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ and ‘The Outsider’ at a market in Cambridge for just a couple of pounds!

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Normal doesn’t exist.

I wrote this poem about a year ago now, and I thought I would share. It’s rather cheesy and cliché, especially the last para but I remember being really proud of it when I wrote it! Plus, it’s one of the few rhyming poems I have yet written.

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London trip: Tate Britain

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I took a trip to the Tate Britain in London. I’ve been to the Tate Modern before, and personally I’m not a big fan of all the modern art. However, the Tate Britain is a stark contrast to the Modern; it is home to many older paintings.

Whenever we have a London trip planned, I like to visit TimeOut to check out what’s on in London at the moment. I found out about this Pablo Bronstein exhibition involving live dancers. This interested me, and I knew my friend would like it too, as she is really into dancing.

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My new favourite poet, Savannah Brown

When I say I read poetry, I mean it. I drink it in, pages and pages of it. As the title may suggest, I have found a new poet who I adore. Although she may not hold the title as my favourite poet, Savannah is amazing and deserves more recognition.

What I particularly like about her poetry is how meaningful and heartfelt it is; she has recently released a book of her best poems, however before then the way she published them was through YouTube. Her voice is so raw and gorgeous, and in fact her slam poems NEED to be listened to instead of read.

PLEASE watch this, it’s so important:

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Sicily 2016

I have a strange relationship with travel. Honestly, travelling basically anywhere that isn’t within walking distance scares me. A lot. Therefore this, coupled with my sense of love and comfort surrounding home(I’m a homebody through and through), means I’m not a ‘seasoned traveller’. Although I do dream of backpacking across beautiful continents, not knowing where I was headed, I can’t see myself being ready to do that anytime soon. However this won’t stop me from dreaming!

And do you know what I do when I get ‘why aren’t I on holiday’ feeling? Yep, I look back at old holiday photos. I then realised I haven’t shared these with you on here yet- these were taken in March (ie during my blogging ‘slump’) when we went to Sicily.

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I’m back !

Hello again, this feels somewhat strange to be sitting here, typing up a blogpost. These last few months have been full on, to say the least. Over Christmas, I really got into blogging and I think at one point I was putting up two posts a week. I vowed that I would continue through the inevitable slump that would follow. Evidently, this didn’t happen.

Now that my GCSE’s are finally over, I can focus on things that matter to me, and honestly I’m strangely excited to start A level work(I’ll almost certainly regret saying that later). I will thus try my very hardest to get a post up every week!

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Female singers and their stories

Vérité is the stage name of a singer-songwriter called Kelsey Byrne who hails from New York. I find this name particularly appropriate, as it means ‘truth’ in French; this young woman’s lyrics are all about truth.

When asked about the meaning of her resounding lyrics, Kelsey answered, ‘people can really ascribe their own meaning, which I kind of encourage.’

Eliza Berman, a writer for The Times, believes that she “writes songs about the human condition: what it’s like to be here, to inhabit your own mind, to try to connect with others.”

Listen to her music here.

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