Thinking about: the end of the world

My mind has been filled with a lot of things lately. Questionable things that don’t really make all that much sense when written down. But, nevertheless, I’m going to attempt to express a small segment of my thoughts around a topic that has been swept into my brain by two separate entities.

That topic is ‘the end of the world’. I feel like everyone must have thought about this at some point in their lives, however some have more than others. Whilst some have blatantly labelled it as a ‘big fear’ and tucked it safely away in a corner of their brain to be avoided at all costs, others try their best to convince themselves that it’s a perfectly okay thing to be scared about. I don’t know quite where I belong, but I know that if I start thinking about the beginnings or, more often than not, the end of everything, my head feels like it’s literally going to explode. So I have to distract myself with some form of media or book. But, ironically this theme has managed to creep into the media I’m consuming in the form of a book and a film. So this is basically a glorified recommendations post with a little chat accompanying it.

The book is one that I started quite a while ago and read in small chunks, so as not to scare myself too much. It’s called ‘Life as we knew it’, and is the fictional diary of a teenage girl in a time of deep gloom for the world. The moon has been hit by a meteor, knocking it out of sync with earth and thus causing several natural disasters that threaten to end all life on our planet. Whilst this wasn’t the most well written book I’ve read(not possible given the format of a diary), it did make me really think about what I would do in that situation- would I, as the majority of people did: steal food and keep everything to myself, or endeavour to help others, perhaps jeopardising my own chances of survival in the process? Honestly, as much as I wish I could fervently ascertain that I would do the latter, you can never be sure until the situation arises.

The film is called ‘Seeking a friend for the end of the world’, and honestly I can’t recommend it enough. In a way this scared me even more, maybe because I watched it alone, in the dark, completely lost in the characters’ worlds and their fate. It has a very similar theme to the book mentioned above, but instead follows a single man looking for someone, anyone, to spend his last moments with before earth is blown up. It’s peppered with black humour and also has a subtle love story woven in, with Kiera Knightley playing the, very quirky, main female. What isn’t to love?

I hope this post made you think a little, and perhaps gave you a bit of material to pass the time before, you know, the end of the world.

-Evie ❁


Book haul: Classics 

It’s been much too long since a book post on this blog. In fact, I think my last one was my 2015 Book Round-Up.  For my sixteenth birthday, I was lucky enough to get many books; today I am just showing you the ‘classics’. Although most of these I was given, I did buy ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ and ‘The Outsider’ at a market in Cambridge for just a couple of pounds!

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My new favourite poet, Savannah Brown

When I say I read poetry, I mean it. I drink it in, pages and pages of it. As the title may suggest, I have found a new poet who I adore. Although she may not hold the title as my favourite poet, Savannah is amazing and deserves more recognition.

What I particularly like about her poetry is how meaningful and heartfelt it is; she has recently released a book of her best poems, however before then the way she published them was through YouTube. Her voice is so raw and gorgeous, and in fact her slam poems NEED to be listened to instead of read.

PLEASE watch this, it’s so important:

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My New Year’s Resolutions

At the end of every year I attempt to create a list  of things that I want to achieve in the following year.

I usually keep it to 5, because I feel like any more than that and I would just forget them!

I’m really pleased with myself as I managed to complete 4/5 of my 2015 resolutions, when I wasn’t expecting to do any!

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