Chills: a playlist

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Okay so at this time of year my music taste goes in one of two directions: either warm, soft sounds or very raw, shiver-inducing songs like in the playlist I have created above.

I listen to this when I feel in the mood for embracing the chilliness that this climate brings.

Happy, or rather chilly, listening!

-Evie ❁


Female singers and their stories

Vérité is the stage name of a singer-songwriter called Kelsey Byrne who hails from New York. I find this name particularly appropriate, as it means ‘truth’ in French; this young woman’s lyrics are all about truth.

When asked about the meaning of her resounding lyrics, Kelsey answered, ‘people can really ascribe their own meaning, which I kind of encourage.’

Eliza Berman, a writer for The Times, believes that she “writes songs about the human condition: what it’s like to be here, to inhabit your own mind, to try to connect with others.”

Listen to her music here.

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Musical Influences

Now, there is one thing I truly believe you can’t fail to hold a love for: music.

I have played the flute for about 6 years now, and although I dread the practise, I think it really has helped to shape who I’ve become. I also recently started learning the piano and have had many a fun afternoon strumming along on my guitar and ukulele!

However when it comes to listening to music I really have two sides: Little Mix pop beats and acousticy sounds.

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Autumn Playlist 2015

Hello again everyone,

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of this blog, I’ve decided to re-amp the whole design, and I love it! What do you think? I’ve also changed the name from ‘mylittleonlinespace’ to ‘headheldhigh’! I think it is much more appropriate for me and my blog, and I have been meaning to do so for a while now, however I have kept the same url.

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