Inside a cosy bookshop

As Winter approaches, I felt it was the perfect time to share with you possibly one of the quirkiest, cosiest bookshops I have visited. 

Barter Books is situated in the rambling town of Alnwick in Northumberland. It was opened in 1991, when Mary Manley opened a secondhand bookshop based on the swap system- hence the name, ‘Barter Books’. Mary thus opened the shop in the front room of her husband’s small manufacturing plant, located in Alnwick’s magnificent old Victorian railway station. 

So, in other words, this bookshop has taken up residence in an old railway station! The Manleys have clearly worked hard to preserve the atmosphere of a railway station, as you can see from the photos. It’s hard to describe the overall feeling from the place, but I know it was really special.

I hope you enjoyed this cosy post, and if you’re ever in or around Alnwick, I urge you to allow yourself an hour or two for wandering round this beautiful bookshop.

-Evie ❁


Interior loving

Recently we were lucky enough to spend a week in the idyllic town of Alnwick in Northumberland. 

With Alnwick Castle(aka Hogwarts!)  and Barter’s Books on the doorstep, it really was my idea of a perfect getaway. 

But today I wanted to show you some snaps I took of the beautiful house we stayed in. It was decorated in my exact interior taste: lots of white, wood and plants!! 

-Evie ❁

London trip: Tate Britain

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I took a trip to the Tate Britain in London. I’ve been to the Tate Modern before, and personally I’m not a big fan of all the modern art. However, the Tate Britain is a stark contrast to the Modern; it is home to many older paintings.

Whenever we have a London trip planned, I like to visit TimeOut to check out what’s on in London at the moment. I found out about this Pablo Bronstein exhibition involving live dancers. This interested me, and I knew my friend would like it too, as she is really into dancing.

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Sicily 2016

I have a strange relationship with travel. Honestly, travelling basically anywhere that isn’t within walking distance scares me. A lot. Therefore this, coupled with my sense of love and comfort surrounding home(I’m a homebody through and through), means I’m not a ‘seasoned traveller’. Although I do dream of backpacking across beautiful continents, not knowing where I was headed, I can’t see myself being ready to do that anytime soon. However this won’t stop me from dreaming!

And do you know what I do when I get ‘why aren’t I on holiday’ feeling? Yep, I look back at old holiday photos. I then realised I haven’t shared these with you on here yet- these were taken in March (ie during my blogging ‘slump’) when we went to Sicily.

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