Three light reads

After last week’s post, I thought it was only right to lighten things up a bit on the reading front. Today I’m introducing you to my favourite light, quick reads that will simply make you happy.

  I’d heard of this book for a while, but had been put off the price for such a short book. However recently I found a copy on eBay for £2.80! I was right in my prediction: I finished it within the hour. It is such a light, original book that I would really recommend as a great alternative to an evening in front of the TV.
  Okay, so maybe the book isn’t as short as the other two, but you’ll get through it in no time, I promise! If there was ever to be one feel-good book, perhaps a book-ified version of your favourite chick flick, this would be it. I can tell you, if you’re into chocolate, you’ll love this book. And if you’re not, that’s OK, because Jenny’s got your back, with her most recent book,  The Little Shop of Happy Ever After: next on my list!

 I may have read this book when I was about twelve, but trust me, this is such a lovely book I couldn’t not include it on this list. It truly inspired me to, if not give up, definitely cut down on my technology-using, which is ironic considering I’m typing this on a laptop right now! As Meg Gabot put it, it ‘made me want to go vintage’, and dig out the old knitting and cross-stitch!

I hope you enjoyed this more light-hearted post, and be sure to check these books out!

-Evie ❁


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