Normal doesn’t exist.

I wrote this poem about a year ago now, and I thought I would share. It’s rather cheesy and cliché, especially the last para but I remember being really proud of it when I wrote it! Plus, it’s one of the few rhyming poems I have yet written.


They say “be normal”, as if different is a crime,
when in reality we’re all running out of time;

They say “normal is boring” as if normal exists:
a socially constructed word that persists;

In labelling the human race,
confining us to our place;

Boxing is in,
being yourself- it’s such a sin.

Every day: just an act, a performance,
to achieve the goal of conformance;

So next time they tell you who to be,
tell yourself “I’ll be me.”


I’m really sorry I don’t have a full post up and it’s late, but next week’s post is a really good one 📚😉

-Evie ❁


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