Sicily 2016

I have a strange relationship with travel. Honestly, travelling basically anywhere that isn’t within walking distance scares me. A lot. Therefore this, coupled with my sense of love and comfort surrounding home(I’m a homebody through and through), means I’m not a ‘seasoned traveller’. Although I do dream of backpacking across beautiful continents, not knowing where I was headed, I can’t see myself being ready to do that anytime soon. However this won’t stop me from dreaming!

And do you know what I do when I get ‘why aren’t I on holiday’ feeling? Yep, I look back at old holiday photos. I then realised I haven’t shared these with you on here yet- these were taken in March (ie during my blogging ‘slump’) when we went to Sicily.

Where’s next on your travel list?

-Evie ❁


8 thoughts on “Sicily 2016

  1. Great pictures! I myself adore travel, although when my friend invited me to go to an island with her I found it frightening as it seemed so isolated! Which is silly of me seeing as I myself live on a slightly larger island anyway. Those cats are so cute! x


  2. Nothing wrong with being a homebody! I feel like staying home most of the time but then something kind of gets me or inspires me that I feel like I need to go somewhere. I’m sure you’ll get to backpack across beautiful continents in your lifetime! It looks like you had a great time in Sicily though. The photos look great!

    New reader,

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

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