I’m back !

Hello again, this feels somewhat strange to be sitting here, typing up a blogpost. These last few months have been full on, to say the least. Over Christmas, I really got into blogging and I think at one point I was putting up two posts a week. I vowed that I would continue through the inevitable slump that would follow. Evidently, this didn’t happen.

Now that my GCSE’s are finally over, I can focus on things that matter to me, and honestly I’m strangely excited to start A level work(I’ll almost certainly regret saying that later). I will thus try my very hardest to get a post up every week!

One thing in particular I’m most excited for is getting back into reading- expect many book posts! I hate to say that I’ve read a sum total of 6 books so far this year- two of which being Harry Potter(oops)! I’m going to start again by reading my beautiful new copy of ‘Wuthering Heights’ which my fellow book nerd best friend, Isabella, gave me for my birthday. Ooh, I guess that’s another big thing- I turned sixteen at the beginning of June🎈

I also will be allowing myself to spend as much time as I want reading other blogs, because I have been really missing checking up on my favourites.

Do leave me a comment suggesting future post ideas and what type of posts you most enjoy reading, I cannot tell you how happy I am to be back!

– Evie ❁


15 thoughts on “I’m back !

    1. Hi Betty! Thank you! Ah don’t worry everyone feels like that sometimes! I would just say whatever you love writing, and posts that you would love to read yourself πŸ’“ and yep, keep your eyes peeled- book posts coming! xx


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