Cool places on the Internet πŸ’»

As the Internet expands, there are becoming more and more websites every day. This is obviously amazing, however the sheer number means we can’t know about them all. In this post I am sharing with you some really cool and quirky websites you may not know about!

  • Ecosia is an amazing Eco-friendly search engine where you can help to plant trees, and they even tell you how many trees you’ve helped plant in the corner of the screen!
  • Geoguessr is such a cool website which you can spend hours on! Basically it drops you (via Google maps) to anywhere in the world and you have to find clues to guess where you are.
  • Unnecessary Knowledge does exactly what it says on the tin- displays completely random and pointless facts, but I can’t seem to stop clicking on ‘next’!
  • Opinion Outpost is, in my opinion, the best survey website where you can earn money and Amazon vouchers!

I hope you found a website you didn’t already know about πŸ™‚

– ☾Evie☽


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