A peek inside my sketchbook 

I’ve always loved art and everything that comes with it. The fact that it means completely different things to different people is very special, and truly captures the diversity of humans at our core.

However, that doesn’t mean to say that I am “good” at it. I put “good” in speech marks because what truly makes someone “good” at art? For the time that I did it at school I did enjoy it, but I felt very restricted. I also knew I couldn’t guarantee a good grade, so didn’t persevere with GCSE.

As you may have seen with my Autumn art post, I really am an amateur, but I love exploring my personal style of drawing and painting, and can’t wait to show you more!


-Evie ❁


21 thoughts on “A peek inside my sketchbook 

  1. Grading art is a load of crock and I’m glad you realized that. Your style is fantastic, actually, I don’t consider you good but beyond that. Great? Fantastic? Idk but I’m really loving it. I love your unique quality. The first and last one, especially, but good job nailing that pose on the second (I am awful at such poses).

    I’m so impressed ❤

    xo Sinêad Odessa

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  2. They’re really amazing! I love the style of your drawings too. I’d love to be good at art, because it’s weird that I’m interested in it but can’t draw to save my laugh! Aha, I’ll just stick with walking round art gallerys and photography instead 😀

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