Musical Influences

Now, there is one thing I truly believe you can’t fail to hold a love for: music.

I have played the flute for about 6 years now, and although I dread the practise, I think it really has helped to shape who I’ve become. I also recently started learning the piano and have had many a fun afternoon strumming along on my guitar and ukulele!

However when it comes to listening to music I really have two sides: Little Mix pop beats and acousticy sounds.

Some of my influences include(click on images to listen in Spotify):

1. Aurora: a 19 year old singer-songwriter with a voice of haunting beauty.

2. The xx: a British band with stunning instrumentals and raw voices.

3. Jack Johnson: the King of chilled beach vibes!

4. The Kooks: singers of possibly my favourite song of all time- ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’.  

5. Lykke Li: this woman has serious talent. Cannot get enough of her music at the moment.

– Evie ❁


6 thoughts on “Musical Influences

  1. sweet! I love music as well; I’ve played violin for over a decade, and I study voice as well. Definitely not big on practising violin, but hey, it’s good for me, I suppose! I like listening to singers such as Sarah Brightman and Jackie Evancho, and I like energetic music like Lindsey Stirling and The Piano Guys. I haven’t heard of any of the artists you mentioned, except for Jack Johnson, so I will check them out! I love voice so much, I have hopes of being a singer someday! Keep up with flute – it’s a beautiful instrument!

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