Surrounded by special things ♡

Recently, to aid the ‘fresh year, fresh mind’ attitude, I have been de-cluttering my room, throwing away or giving to charity any no longer wanted or needed things. And does it feel good!

The things left are now extra special and full of love ❤

I found this frame for 15p at a charity stall and painted it shabby-chic style then popped in a cute quote from my fav feel-good musical- Annie! The camera was my mums first digital camera which she kindly gave to me and I picked up the crystal on my trip to the Isle of Wight in year six.

I was given this beautiful elephant from  my aunt from her trip to India. It’s actually a candle but I can’t imagine burning it!

I found this adorable wooden heart in France last summer.

Wandering how I did my Polaroid wall without a Polaroid camera?! Check out an amazing app called Lalalab which sends you pictures from your phone in Polaroid form! Upload 15 prints and you should get them free with my code: PG800HB. (Not sponsored!)

Do I wish I painted this! I have a box of old horseshoes from my Grandad’s horse that are just waiting to be painted!

I actually made this in DT a few years ago and is the only thing I was ever proud to say ‘I made that’.

I found these beautiful stones on a beach in Norfolk and they now act as perfect paperweights!

I keep these old lightbulbs in my study for that ‘lightbulb moment’!

-Evie ❁


17 thoughts on “Surrounded by special things ♡

  1. You made that in DT?? Wow!! I was awful at DT when I did it, it seriously looks like you could of bought it from a shop. I’ve been decluttering recently and it feels so great to get rid of stuff that you are never going to use, I feel so tidy! All your bits and bobs look lovely. x

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