My New Year’s Resolutions

At the end of every year I attempt to create a list  of things that I want to achieve in the following year.

I usually keep it to 5, because I feel like any more than that and I would just forget them!

I’m really pleased with myself as I managed to complete 4/5 of my 2015 resolutions, when I wasn’t expecting to do any!

I wrote down all of the books I read here without too much trouble, and have set myself the target of reading 52 next year, which is one every week.

With the rise of the digital age comes the decline in anything physical that can be replicated in the digital form- whether that be books, watches or photos. I recently made a pact with myself to never stop printing out photos as I feel they are so much more special this way. One of my favourite things is to look through albums, and these would definitely be one of my ‘save in a fire’ items.

I would say that the next two are much more open and less specific, so it is therefore harder to judge whether I have achieved them or not. However I would say I have made an effort to be more creative in the sense that I bought myself a new sketchbook and even cracked open the old paint pots to do some canvas painting!

Unfortunately I have completely failed in my quest to become more flexible, but there’s always next year!

I have also been writing down all of the things that have happened that made me happy, and I am going to be reading all of these tonight.

I really hope that I can complete all of the points on my list for 2016!

Have you made any resolutions with yourself?

-Evie ❁


17 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Hi, Evie! (Belated?) Happy New Year! A friend of mine did the ‘happy jar’ thing last year and I’m planning to do the same. I think it’s a brilliant, therapeutic idea. As for being flexible, try gentle stretches in the morning when you wake up, after a good run, or even while you’re reading books! 👍🏼

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