Time-travelling Polaroid

My mum and I were recently sorting through all of our old photo albums and reminiscing about all of our memories. It’s crazy to think that I now have nearly sixteen years worth of them, all stored in my brain, but to think that my mum has three times that is unbelievable. I absolutely adore listening to all her stories from her childhood visits to Ireland to her school and uni days to how she met my dad.
But as I was rifling through one particular album, admiring her crazy afro-esque hairstyle that was clearly the coolest thing back then, a polaroid fell out.

I was instantly interested, as I do have a love for polaroids, and of course got her to explain what was going on in the photo. I spotted my mum straight away, and I think it was how happy she looked that really caught my eye.

In the photo my mum had just turned sixteen, and looking at it, I felt something really special inside of me. Just to think that this photo hold all of these memories for my mum, and although I wasn’t actually there, just by seeing the photo and hearing the story that went along with it, it was if I was.

Am I going bonkers?!

-Evie ❁


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